high reliability,
durable equipment

High-quality systems that keep your fleet running and maintenance costs down

the lowest carbon
footprint solution

Proven technology that minimizes emissions without breaking your budget

demonstrate your

Show your stakeholders that you mean business when it comes to emissions reduction

operate on clean,
affordable fuel

Convert your existing vehicles to run on clean-burning, all-American natural gas


Why replace your existing vehicles when you can simply convert them to run on clean-burning compressed natural gas? Our natural gas vehicle conversion kits will help your company meet or exceed their carbon footprint reduction goals.

Our conversion kits deliver a bi-fuel solution that even lets you switch back to gasoline if there's no CNG nearby.

For a fraction of the cost of upgrading to electric vehicles, choose the option that keeps your current fleet on the road while meeting your emission reduction targets.

show the world you're taking action, not just talking a good game

While your competitors are stalling out over the cost of electric vehicles or stuck in low gear, making carbon reduction promises they can't keep, you're ready to show the world how it's done, thanks to our natural gas car conversion kits.

Get up to speed on CNG conversion technology and learn how you can deliver the improvements the other guys are only talking about.

Refueling your compressed natural gas vehicle isn’t always as simple as a trip to the local gas station. As of June 2020, there are nearly 1,000 public CNG fueling stations across the United States, plus 70 liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling stations servicing the long-haul trucking industry.  
Click on the link below to locate the public CNG fueling stations that are closest to your facility or along the routes you travel frequently.

the time for cng is now!

Are you ready to join the crew?

When CNG came to market in the last decade, it was ahead of its time. The world hadn't woken up to the carbon emissions crisis and CNG was just a lower-cost fuel.

Today, CNG provides the most affordable, lowest carbon solution for fleet operators who want the benefits without having to buy expensive, unproven electric vehicles.

Join the CNG crew and let us show you how safe and easy CNG conversion can be.


2009 +

We've been in business for over a decade, so we know what it takes to build, install, tune, and maintain a CNG conversion system for you.

$975 +

Our high-quality kits start at only $975, with heavy-duty kits for high-load engines starting at $1,875.
(CNG tank not included)


Our plug-in injector harness eliminates cutting and soldering, reducing your install time by half and greatly reducing human error.

10 +

Buy a system you can trust, backed up by unbeatable support. Our kit will last 10+ years, so you'll end up transferring it to your next truck!