the reason we're in business

We help vehicle operators affordably achieve their environmental goals by understanding and applying solutions that take advantage of abundant American natural gas.

Our mission is to raise fleet operators' awareness and understanding of alternative fuel options, helping them leverage CNG conversion to take real steps toward their carbon reduction goals while minimizing capital expenditure and optimizing their return on investment.

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who we are

bob barba

Owner and C.E.O.

Bob graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1975 and served 6 years as a surface warfare line officer. He qualified as an engineering officer on USS Racine (LST 1191) powered by six 2750 HP diesel locomotive engines.

He joined Schlumberger Well Services in Midland, Texas in 1981 and worked as a field engineer, sales engineer, and product development manager.  After leaving Schlumberger, he provided engineering and petrophysical advisory services to oil and gas operators worldwide, publishing over 40 technical papers, serving as a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and as an expert witness for BP in the Macondo trial.  He recently received the Formation Evaluation Award from the SPE’s Southwest North America region.

Bob entered the natural gas business in 1992, acquiring and later operating over 40 natural gas wells.  In 2018, he began researching natural gas as an alternative fuel and gave several presentations on the potential for CNG vehicles.  After the market became flooded with associated natural gas from the shale boom, Bob had to pay a purchaser to take gas from his leases. As a reservoir characterization adviser, he knew that a huge volume of gas across North America could be accessed with only a minimal increase in activity.   So, with the price of natural gas destined to remain low for a long time, Bob ventured into the CNG-fueled vehicle market, acquiring the assets of SkyCNG in June 2020.



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Our Company Story

SkyCNG was founded in 2009 by Brent Skipper in Lehi, Utah. His original intent was to educate the public on the benefits and issues of CNG conversion, beginning as a website and generating revenue through advertising.

However, from the very beginning, website visitors began asking about CNG conversion kits - where could they find them, and what should they buy? Brent recognized a market opportunity and began researching the equipment.

What Brent discovered was a highly fragmented market with poor quality control and correspondingly variable product performance. He focused on assembling the highest quality hardware and software to produce the first SkyCNG kits.

Between 2009 and 2020, the company installed over 300 kits and amassed a comprehensive reference library on how to perform trouble-free installations.

The company was purchased in 2020 by Bob Barba, renamed SkyCNG Texas LLC, and its headquarters relocated to Austin, Texas. Bob's vision is to build SkyCNG into a nationwide provider of CNG conversion kits and services, leveraging partnerships with experienced installers to expand the company's product range to cover gasoline and diesel powered commercial vehicles of all shapes and sizes.