the growing cng fuel network

As of June 2020, there are nearly 1,000 public CNG fueling stations across the United States, plus  70 liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling stations servicing the long-haul trucking industry.

Click on the link below to locate the public CNG fueling stations that are closest to your facility or along the routes you travel frequently.

If there isn't a conveniently located public CNG filling station, keep reading to learn about commercial and residential CNG fueling system options.


If you're operating a fleet of CNG-fueled vehicles and there isn't a public CNG filling station within a convenient distance of your regular routes, it might make sense to install a commercial-grade fueling system on your premises.

Commercial compression options range from small-volume, slow-filling systems to high-volume, fast-filling setups. The most affordable options start at about $25,000 and the cost of more complex systems can easily exceed $300,000 - but if you're fueling enough vehicles, that investment can definitely make sense.

Companies such as BRC Fuelmaker (shown at left) and Trillium offer modular fueling systems that are suitable for small fleet operators and can be expanded as you grow. SkyCNG will be pleased to help you evaluate your CNG fuel needs and fueling options.

home refueling systems

If you're an individual operator looking to convert your vehicle to CNG or a company operator with staff who operate company vehicles from their homes, discovering that there isn't a convenient CNG filling station nearby need not be a deal breaker.

Compression systems that take pipeline natural gas and turn it into CNG fuel for your vehicle start at about $5,000. They are too slow for fleet operations but definitely work for individual operators and field reps who can leave their vehicle to fill up overnight.

The Fuelmaker C3 is one of the better systems on the market but SkyCNG is always on the lookout for newer and better performing options. Contact us for the latest information on at-home CNG fueling.