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YES! Despite lower oil prices we are STILL stocking kits and supplying your CNG/LPG parts! All from the USA!

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LPG Propane SkyPRO Kit from SkyCNG

4 Cylinder SkyPRO Sequential LPG Kit- $899
6 Cylinder SkyPRO Sequential LPG Kit- $999
8 Cylinder SkyPRO Sequential LPG Kit- $1149
Laptop Cable (one time purchase)-$25 FREE SOFTWARE!
Need Thermoplastic Tubing?

The Complete "SkyPRO" Sequential System from SkyCNG is made of the highest quality parts and imported direct for the US market... not mixed and matched with low-grade components just to save a few bucks like the competition:

  • Multistage LPG Regulator from KME GOLD (Pressure Reducer)
  • Hana LPG Injector Rails
  • Solenoid Valve on Reducer
  • ECU Computer
  • Injector Cutoff Wiring Harness "Plug n' Play" ($12 each cylinder)
  • Low Pressure LPG Filters
  • Tank Pressure Sensor TECHlevel magnet
  • OBDII Wiring Harness for ECU
  • MAP Sensor/LPG Temp Sensor
  • Dashboard Control Switch/Fuel Gauge
  • CLASS 2 RATED hoses with quality worm drive hose clamps
Major Components of the SkyPRO Sequential Injection System by SkyCNG

The multi-stage LPG pressure regulator (aka "reducer") takes the high pressure LPG from the cylinder tank and then reduces it to a low pressure gas that the car engine can handle. This is a critical and expensive component of the LPG conversion kit. The SkyCNG regulator is made of the highest quality. BEWARE: Some say this reducer can perform up to 400 HP but this is simply not true. SkyCNG tests show it can handle up to 320 horsepower before requiring a switch to gasoline at high RPM. Larger engines with heavy demand may require two regulators.

The ECU is the computer of the LPG kit. It is constantly communicating with your vehicle's computer, or OBD system. SkyCNG and LPGtech have developed a state-of-the-art system that's sealed from weather and the environmental elements. It is easy to tune and helps you achieve optimal fuel trims and power.

Our Hana injector rails are what actually sprays the LPG in specifically metered injections into your engine. The Hana "plunger" assembly is a little different than other "solenoid" type injector. It's more quiet, has a faster flow rate for large engines (115 L/min) and offers a faster opening and closing time. The high grade coated metal rails ensure long lifetime.

The weather proof wiring harness is what connects the ECU to the fuel injection system. The wires must be connected properly, and in most cases there will be several wires to cut and solder into place, unless you get the SkyCNG plug and play harness.

High pressure Thermoplastic Hose available in addition to the kit.

Other SkyPRO Kit Components:

Windows Laptop Tuning Cable is the USB cable needed to access the calibration software by connecting to the ECU. You can use these multiple times and with different vehicles on SkyPRO.

BLUETOOTH connector: We also offer wireless tuning on your laptop, ANDROID, and soon to be iPhone or iPad! There's nothing like this to make tuning and test drives a breeze!

We are the exclusive North American partner of premium LPGtech LPG conversion systems from Poland. These high-quality "bi-fuel" systems allow your current vehicle to operate on EITHER gasoline OR LPG fuel. You will have a switch on your dashboard that allows you to choose which type of fuel on the fly! No restarting. No engine stall outs. These LPG car conversion kits are very common in almost every other part of the world. The SkyCNG conversion systems are state-of-the-art specifically designed for American LPG standards.

Looking for the lowest prices? You won't find it here. SkyCNG provides the high quality systems for long term reliability. Beware the bottom feeders. When our system is properly installed, the driver shouldn't tell a difference in performance, nor should they have a check engine light, for years to come! We have an article that explains the signs of a lesser quality LPG car conversion kit.

SkyCNG recommends you study up on your local laws before any type of car engine modification is made. We also suggest you be an experienced mechanic to install these LPG conversion kits. While these kits should contain everything you need, we cannot guarantee your vehicle type won't need special tools or need a couple extra parts. Since we don't install them, we also don't guarantee you'll do things correctly.

BEWARE OF HIDDEN COSTS: Please compare our propane conversion kit components with the competition. You will see that our system is much more thorough and complete and our price really does include EVERYTHING.

Propane LPG Cylinder Tanks are not included in the kit. We can help you source them so call or email SkyCNG.
Learn more about the CNG cylinders here.