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CNG Home Filling Stations for Natural Gas Vehicles

SkyCNG does NOT carry these units! The following is for informational purposes only. We do not know of a reputable unit that makes financial sense for home installation. The Phill by FuelMaker is probably the most popular compressor available.... but it's cost is an issue to the majority of potential buyers. The Phill can only be purchased through your regional authorized distributor for about $5,000. See more below about the PHILL.

As of July 2012 there are reports of some new home CNG filling stations being developed by General Electric and Eaton Corp. These two companies are competing to deliver a home CNG filling station for less than $500! This would undoubtedly open up a significant amount of the market who does not live nearby a commercial CNG pump yet has natural gas in their home. The two companies are working with the Department of Energy and a couple other major Universities to bring this device to the mainstream. There is no timetable being announced.

SkyCNG has not found a practical solution for home filling stations. The PHILL is expensive, it only pumps about half a gallong per hour, and the maintenance is not cheap. This is characteristic of most CNG home filling solutions you'll find online. If anyone reading this can find a CNG home fuel pump that is less than $7,000, inexpensive to maintain, pumps at least 2 gallons per hour, and is actually ready to ship within a few days of payment, then please contact SkyCNG immediately. Commercial applications for small fleets and "for sale" locations are all we can find. Prices start around $25,000 for these smaller CNG fill stations and the cost can easily get over $300,000.

CNG Home Fill Station Intro:

With over half the households in the US having natural gas already piped to the door, many people want to know if they can simply fill their CNG car while in the comfort of their own garage. The answer is "Yes!"... but keep in mind the natural gas coming to your home right now is NOT compressed. You need a machine that can do this for you.

The PHILL is not very big (about the size of a vacuum cleaner), nor does it take a lot of electricity. It is not loud, either. You'll pay $2500-$5000 for the pump and installation, but the good news is there are some government and even private (the local natural gas company) rebates that help with the expense.

The current NatGas proposal in Congress has a $2000 rebate for home filling stations like the PHILL. Check out the SkyCNG Federal plans page for more help on this.

The PHILL home CNG filling station will give you two options. First, you can choose the standard "time" fill, which takes most of the night (several hours) but gives you a full tank in the morning. Second, you can choose the "fast" fill, which will only take a couple hours but will not give you a full tank.

For CNG conversion vehicles that find themselves driving out of the way for a fill up this is a great option for convenience.

Does it make financial sense for you? After you look into available incentives and rebates you should pull out your home natural gas bill. After some basic math you can calculate the amount of natural gas you would need to compress for a full tank. In Utah, for example, Questar Gas currently charges about 82 cents per gasoline gallon equivalent (gge) of CNG. Add another 25 cents or so for the electricity (just a ballpark on filling about a gge per hour). That puts you at $1.07 per gge of CNG... filled in the convenience of your garage. Check out your local rates and you'll probably find that filling up at home will cost about the same as filling at a regular station, only much more convenient.